Nouvelle Celebrates 8th Anniversary

October 3rd, 2012 by sherry

We are excited to celebrate our 8th anniversary! Nouvelle continues to thrive in a niche market dominated by mass-produced compression garments sold with little breast augmentation, breast reduction, face lift, facelift, lipo, liposuction, compression wear, compression garmentor no regard for optimal post-surgical results and healing. The secret to our success, we believe, is a tight focus on product integrity and customer service. Our three-prong approach to product sales continues to strike a perfect balance between quality and cost efficacy for medical supply distributors, plastic surgeons and reconstructive specialists.

1. Made in the USA Pledge – Focus on Product Purity/Safety

Nouvelle has consistently pledged to ensure fabrics, components, threads, etc. are 100 percent American-made and manufactured. “Maintaining the safety and quality of our products by insisting on fabrics made in the USA is very important to us, notes Dawn Cover, president of Nouvelle, Inc. Additionally, the company holds a long-standing commitment to avoiding cheaper, mass-produced fabrics in favor of safer products it has carefully scrutinized and deemed free of formaldehyde, a dangerous chemical known to have many adverse health effects “Our garments are used by plastic surgery patients, burn victims, and a variety of people undergoing serious medical procedures. Safeguarding the purity and safety of compression wear as part of the healing process is a responsibility we take very seriously,” said Cover

2. Free Domestic Shipping

Nouvelle offers free USPS shipping within the USA on orders over $75. This represents an incredible savings to customers, and is in keeping with the company’s mission to provide affordable post-surgical garments to distributors. Certain exceptions may apply.

3. Unwavering Commitment to Customer Service

Nouvelle, now entering its 8th year, offers a carefully-honed product line reflecting virtually any garment one would need following cosmetic, reconstructive or plastic surgery. “Our team is committed to designing and manufacturing products in lockstep with the latest medical technology,” said Cover. Keeping apprised of medical advances in procedures such as breast augmentation, breast reduction and abdominoplasty (tummy tuck) has enabled the company to customize compression garment details to further maximize healing results. From a customer’s initial query to final sale and product shipment, care is given to ensure satisfaction at every turn.

About Nouvelle

Nouvelle manufactures and distributes post-surgical compression wear, body shaping garments, and scar care products worldwide from its facility in Virginia Beach, Va. Its internationally-recognized products are available through approved distributors and online at For more information about purchasing or distributing the company’s products, please contact Dawn Cover via email or telephone.

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In the News | At Work With Dawn Cover

October 4th, 2011 by sherry

As told to Pilot writer Carolyn Shapiro

We manufacture post-operative compression garments. It includes not only garments for after plastic surgery, or any type of cosmetic surgery, but we’ve delved into shapewear. It’s a big thing right now. People want to look smoother under their clothes without actually having surgery.

We have body suits, bras, binders, male vests. A binder is a big, elastic, velcro-closure garment. It’s generally worn around the midsection, after liposuction or a tummy tuck. I think a girdle is more comfortable.

We have three new garments. Thong garments, for people who are having fat transfers into their buttock region. And you have to have compression on

Dawn Cover, Nouvelle, Inc., plastic surgery recovery, liposuction recovery, cosmetic surgery recovery, breast augmentation recovery, girdles, shapewear,

Dawn Cover, right, with partner Loan Luu. (David B. Hollingsworth | The Virginian-Pilot)

the front, because normally they’ll take the fat out of your stomach, put it in the back. You can’t have compression where they put the fat. And a new face garment, for a facelift or a lipo to the chin.

We’ve been open for six years. We were in a similar business and my partner, Loan Luu, has been a seamstress her entire life. I have run businesses before, so it was kind of a happy partnership. She does the manufacturing end; I take care of the business end. We met working at another office in a similar business. We basically went as far as we could go there and branched off on our own.

We knew there was such a market for comfortable compression wear. You’re in pain already after surgery, and then you have a garment that you’re to wear for six to eight weeks, and you’re uncomfortable. We spent a lot of time looking into fabrics. We wore them ourselves. We tested them ourselves. We still, to this day, wear them. So we know that they’re comfortable.

There’s just a lack of knowledge in the area of compression garments. Patients are concerned. So a lot of my job in talking to them on the phone is to educate them in what they need, how it’s supposed to fit, how long they’re supposed to wear it, how to launder it – down to simple washing. Most of the people end up thanking me because I have given them more information than their doctor.

When somebody walks out of here and throws another garment in the trash, they are thanking me – “Oh my gosh, I’m no longer in pain.” They’ll call me from in their car on the way home – “I feel so much better. Thank you. Thank you.” – within 10 minutes.

Over the years, you learn how to fit people and how your fabric works in conjunction with the body. All of our fabric comes out of Rhode Island. We are 100 percent made in the USA. I’m very proud of that. It’s very important to us. I believe we should keep all that we can here. There’s nine of us (working here): from sewers to cutters to me being office manager, people helping with the books, someone who takes care of my Internet.

We are like a family. We work well together. Every once in a while you’ll get a customer that’s unhappy. And we work very, very hard to make them happy. If their garment doesn’t fit, I’ll say, “OK, I need more specific measurements. I want you to do this again. Maybe you didn’t measure correctly the first time.” I’ll ask, “How’s it fitting, say, in the chest or in the waist? How can we fix it?” We will alter things. Send it back to me. Let me do a little tweak here and there. I, 100 percent, stand behind our garments. A happy customer gets more happy customers. People get on blogs. People will call me and say, “Is this Dawn? I heard about you on this blog.”

We have three international distributors right now. We are in Kuwait, Dubai and England. The international has grown threefold for us. We’ve kind of gone down here (in U.S. sales), way up over there. It’s not growing as fast here. We have every year continually grown, but our international business is three times what it was last year.

In the next six months we’re looking at properties. We’re busting at the seams here. We’re tripping over each other and the dogs. We’ve got to at least double, hopefully triple our square footage.


  • Co-owner and co-founder of Nouvelle Inc., Virginia Beach
  • Age: 40
  • Home: Virginia Beach
  • Family: husband, three children and two dogs – shih tzus, who come to the office with her
  • Favorite product in her line: the pull-on girdle. “It’s considered shapewear. It has no zippers or hooks and eyes, so you pull it on.”

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Beautiful! New Convertible Arm Sleeves and More Available Now

September 7th, 2011 by sherry

Sleek, versatile style and comfort are woven together in our newest product offering: Convertible Arm Sleeves.

brachioplasty, armlift, Nouvelle Inc.

Nouvelle is committed to every stitch, every detail, and every way fabric touches healing skin.

The entire Nouvelle design team would like to thank its loyal, long-term customers for such positive feedback as we introduced several new products over the summer. Each new design was the result of intense research and focus on the healthiest healing garments for patients recovering from arm surgery, facelifts and newer surgical cosmetic procedures such as buttocks augmentation via fat transfer.

Here’s a roundup of our latest offerings:

It’s truly an exciting time for our business. In addition to fine-tuning and building the product line, we added new staff and continue to research and develop the finest handcrafted garments available on the market. Our team is committed to every detail, every stitch, and every possible way our compression wear products can help in the recovery process. Stay tuned as more exciting announcements are on the horizon 🙂


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Thongs are Here! Unique Product Designed for Use After Brazilian Butt Lift

September 1st, 2011 by sherry

We are excited to announce two NEW products to our growing catalog. Click here for details: New Thong Product Offerings from Nouvelle

butt lift, Brazilian Butt Lift, mommy makeover, liposuction, fat transfer, abdominoplasty, Nouvelle, Inc., plastic surgery garments, compression wear, cosmetic surgery, butt augmentation

Full Body Thong

Full Body Thong-The full body thong is the ultimate medical-grade garment for women recovering from multiple cosmetic procedures: Brazilian butt lift (buttocks augmentation, butt lift), body lift (belt lipectomy), tummy tuck (abdominoplasty), breast reduction (reduction mammaplasty), breast augmentation (augmentation mammaplasty), breast reconstruction following mastectomy, gastric bypass and a variety of liposuction procedures: stomach liposuction, lipoplasty, suction lipectomy and liposculpture. This compression suit ensures complete coverage of the breast area, abdominals, back, flanks, and abdomen.

Abdomen Contour ThongThe abdomen contour thong provides superior medical-grade compression to support healing tissue where needed, and open, gentle protection of the buttocks to preserve sensitive contours and new curves following the Brazilian butt lift (buttocks augmentation). This exclusive new design is the ultimate compression garment for women recovering from aesthetic procedures such as Brazilian butt lift (buttocks augmentation), tummy tuck (abdominoplasty), hernia operations, and a variety of liposuction procedures.

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Just for Facelifts: Nouvelle Launches Exciting New Product

September 1st, 2011 by sherry


Radiant Results. Balanced Support. Fast Healing. 

Nouvelle, Inc. is excited to announce its newest product: the Advanced Face Wrap.

Facial wrap

The advanced face wrap is the latest addition to the Nouvelle, Inc. compression wear catalog. This exclusive design provides the best support available for patients recovering from any combination of surgeries involving the neck and face, including cervicoplasty, platysmaplasty, submental liposuction, and otoplasty.

“Our newest design has been crafted using the latest technological advances in compression wear,” said Nouvelle Inc. President Dawn Cover. “It’s exquisitely soft, durable, and effective-a top performer in increasing blood circulation around surgical areas to help accelerate healing, diminish swelling, and flush out harmful fluids.”

Top Five Surgeries for which the Face Wrap is Highly Effective:

1. Ear surgery
2. Facelift
3. Chinlift
4. Necklift
5. Submental liposuction

In addition to the advanced face wrap, Nouvelle offers the full range of products designed exclusively for surgeries involving the head, neck and chin. Each design firmly yet delicately protects sensitive surgical sites from sudden movements (i.e. sneezing or coughing). Visit for more information about post-operative dressings for facelifts, necklifts, chinlifts, otoplasty, and tumescent liposuction involving the submental (below the jaw) chin, jowls, and cheeks.

Additional Resources

Healing Transformations

An online forum dedicated to patients, physicians and families of anyone recovering from the myriad of emotional and physical health issues surrounding aesthetic and reconstructive surgery.

Facebook Page

Look for new products, stories from customers, and helpful recovery tips on Nouvelle’s Facebook page. One of the first 100 people to “like” the page will be entered into a special drawing to win a free compression or shapewear product.

About Nouvelle

Nouvelle manufactures and distributes post-surgical compression wear, body shaping garments, and scar care products worldwide from its facility in Virginia Beach, Va. Its internationally-recognized products are available through approved distributors and online at

For more information about purchasing or distributing the company’s products, please contact Dawn Cover via email or telephone.




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